Who We Are

Ellen McGregor - Board Chair


Ellen is the CEO and co-owner of Fielding Environmental and is highly experienced with the cleantech industry.

She has successfully grown Fielding to enter 30+ international markets and has won multiple awards such as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award, and several awards for leadership in business and environmental excellence, including the Clean16 Award.

Ellen is a member of Board of Directors for Sustainable Development Technology Canada and the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI).

She is a past member of the Principal's Advisory Committee University of Toronto Mississauga, and was governor for Sheridan College.

Rick Findlay - CEO


Rick is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) who specializes in strategic and financial management, technology, and process/organization design. He is also an experienced entrepreneur having started 4 companies,  growing 2 of them globally.

Rick has 30+ years experience in resource recovery and energy, and he has mentored/coached many startups (including cleantech) for over 20 years.

He is Chair for the Energy & Climate Change SIG for the Canadian Association of Management Consulting.

He sits on numerous Boards, and is a past Board member for the Innovators Alliance and Recycling Council of Ontario.

Our Story

Fielding Environmental, a Canadian cleantech company was started in 1955.

It expended to the USA and developing markets in 30+ countries. 

Ellen established a number of cluster companies at Fielding. Providing access to talent, markets, infrastructure, lab and permits to innovators. All while reducing overhead costs for Fielding.

Ellen thought that the model could and should be adopted across Canada for cleantech to go global.

Ellen engaged Rick, an experienced CEO, entrepreneur and business management consultant.

Rick has been advising start-ups for years and knows the commercialization challenges well.

We have continued to define how this solution can provide world-leading support to Canada’s cleantech innovators and existing manufacturers.

We have received tremendous support from many different stakeholders across the cleantech ecosystem. Many offering to help LINCit grow and succeed.